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  1. 1.Do Not advertise or mention any other RSPS server Advertising will result in an instant permanent ban, mentioning other RSPS will result in an official warning 2.* Respect * - Be respectful, civil, and welcoming. Sometimes discussion can get heated, but you are responsible for your own behavior. - This includes not targeting individuals and not posting personal or leaked information. - No insults, racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, and other kinds of discriminatory speech. 3.* Blacklisted words * The following words and phrases will be blacklisted by a bot if they are continuously used. These are guides and not exact definitions. Intentionally circumventing the bot will result in a kick or ban without warning. 4.No spamming Should be pretty obvious, don't spam the chat, especially when a player or staff asks you to stop. 5..No excessive flaming, bullying or trolling This means in small amounts these are allowed, but as soon as a user gets annoyed or angry it goes too far. You have to stop if either a player requests you to do so, or a staff member tells you to stop. 6.Threatening of any kind is disallowed This includes either threatening to hack the server or threatening a player in any type of way.
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